Blue Lagoon Beach

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Blue Lagoon beach

Blue Lagoon beach is one of the fine whte sandy beach located around Padang bai in east of Bali. The beach can be reached in about 1.5 hours from the capital city of Denpasar.

The Blue Lagoon beach together with Bias Tugel beach are like a hidden paradise of the east. The beach it self is a clean with clear blue water which eanble you to see what lies underneath.

This beach is the perfect place to get away from the busy life of the south as the beach is quite pristine and not many people there on the beach thoigh its location close to busy port of Padang Bai.

Blue Lagoon beach is known as the underwater paradise. This beach used by many diving companies as the spot for their diving adventure as the water is warm and the marine life is abundant. On your best day you will able to see some clouds of ultraviolet fish daubed with splashes of luminous orange, followed by shoals of black fish with tails shaped like the head of a spanner, you might even see a fish in a leopard-print coat, and if you look carefully, you will notice cleverly camouflaged creatures hiding in the reef crevices.

Blue Lagoon beach is good for snorkeling too because the coral reef is right up to the shore and is very pretty. You can also organise traditional jukung boats to bring you to the best spots and greatly increase your safety. On a calm day expect lots of fish and great visibility.

Bloo Lagoon Villas

villa in blue lagoon beach

Located at the Blue Lagoon beach this private villas is one of a kind villas with beautiful views of the bay. The twenty five unique villas are design to maximize the wonderful views of the sea with its open scape design.

Bloo Lagoon Villas

Villa in Padang Bai

villa in padang bai

The villa is within minutes of walking distances to secluded beach of Bias Tugel - a white sandy beach without too many people and surround by palm fringed coconut trees.

Villa In Padang Bai

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Diving in Blue Lagoon Beach Bali

Blue Lagoon diving

The beach of Blue Lagoon is one of the destination spot for diving entusiast. Many of the diving trips to the east of Bali will include this spot which often mention as Padangbai diving spot.

Blue Lagoon Beach Diving

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