Padang Bai Beach

Blue Lagoon beach

Bali is the island of Gods with vast expanse of rice fields, mountainious range, beautiful beaches combine with its unique culture of its citizen making the island one of the famous travel destination in the world.

With so many things to see and do on the island together with various range of accommodation available, the island of Bali already wins several travel awards. The island of Bali is suitable for a very wide ranging market from back packers to the super rich visitors. Destination for the younger people with its night life activities to the family destination such as along the beaches are all available on the island of Bali.

Padang Bai beach is one of the tourism destination in Bali which also serves as the port of the east to enter or go to other island. Padang Bai beach located at the Padang Bai village in Manggis. As a tourist destination this beach is still a quiet beach but as a port this beach is very busy during the day.

This white sandy beaches paradise can be used as a place to sun bathing and swimming though you must be careful with the boats going in and out when you are in the water. Padangbai has two other good beaches close by. The first, "Blue Lagoon", is accessed by heading to the far left of the main beach and hiking 3 minutes up and over the hill and the others is "Biastugal" is also called Pantai Kecil (small beach), and is located on the other side of the ferry terminal.

Blue Lagoon Villas

villa in blue lagoon beach

Located at the Blue Lagoon beach this private villas is one of a kind villas with beautiful views of the bay. The twenty five unique villas are design to maximize the wonderful views of the sea with its open scape design.

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About the beach

about blue lagoon beach

The Blue Lagoon beach is located in Padang Bai area and is easily accesible. Just go through the Padang Bai beach and you will find signs that say Blue lagoon beach. Just follow the signs and you will see many car parked at the right hand of the road.

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Places to See on Bali Tour

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There are so many pristine white sandy beaches to visit such as Balangan beach, Suluban beach, Virgin beach, Blue Lagoon beach and many others.

Places to See on Bali Tour

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